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Door Dance Wave

Door Dance Wave: dancing your way to new friendships in your neighbourhood and beyond.

How to do #doordancewave

  • Find a friend
  • Find a door
  • Play music
  • Dance through the door
  • Film it
  • Share it on social media #doordancewave #Walker #NE6
  • Challenge all your friends to do it too

Dancers from Fertile Ground have been working in the Newcastle suburb of Walker. They have developed a dance move with local people that can be copied, altered and shared on social media using the hashtag #doordancewave

It’s taken to the streets of Walker and we’re now bringing the #doordancewave challenge to you.

Download the #doordancewave music. Do it. Film it. Share it.

The dance

  • Clap
  • Little wave
  • Big wave
  • Move through the door
  • Clap
  • Little wave
  • Big wave
  • Strike a pose

To watch others who’ve taken the #doordancewave challenge see them on Instagram

This project was funded by Newcastle Culture Investment Fund @CFTyneWearNland

Musician Jamie Young has created this piece of music specifically for #doordancewave, released under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs.


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